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  • Title: The Return of the Evil Dead
  • Release year: 1973
  • Director: Amando de Ossorio
  • Actors: Tony Kendall, Fernando Sancho, Esperanza Roy, Frank Braña, José, Canalejas, Loreta Tovar, Ramón Lillo, Lone Fleming, Maria Nuria, José, Thelman, Amando de Ossorio
  • Movie length: 91 min.
  • Movie genres: Horror

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The Return of the Evil Dead movie has got a really great cast, some very great production. I was stunned to see so many pessimistic reviews, many people are just impossible to entertain. This film was 91 minutes long but extremely captivating, and I love how the producers weren't afraid to take chances. I've read a lot of other film reviews that insist that there's no plot. Unless you're mentally blocked or not following cause you're busy the whole film, the storyline is pretty clear, and plain imho. Nothing could prevent you from watching The Return of the Evil Dead if you want to watch one of the best of all films in Horror niche. The action of 1973 with great direction of famous director and excellent convictive acting of well-known actors like: Frank Braña, Fernando Sancho, Tony Kendall and Frank Braña in a main role makes The Return of the Evil Dead so cool and so exciting. The duration of the action is 91 m but you feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the action because it is so nice. You will definitely love it so much, we can give you 100% guarantee. Have any ideas? Submit them into our comments form. You should register.

Now just stop looking for some other movies in Horror niche because one of the most wonderful of all, The Return of the Evil Dead is found by you now! It is truth that this is one of the greatest of films of 1973 with great acting of Amando de Ossorio, Loreta Tovar, Tony Kendall, Canalejas and with Amando de Ossorio in main role. The breathtaking story is shown here and you should just get a lot of delightful and so nice time watching The Return of the Evil Dead. You would not definitely regret about this choice. Running time: 91 m. We are sure, you will get delight from the movie! The Return of the Evil Dead flick provides good and good made adventure, but, it's not fresh. The Return of the Evil Dead is a very monotonous movie. We think, one of the most boring films of 1973. The duration is 91 m of uninteresting content with bad play of Amando de Ossorio and all other Amando de Ossorio, Loreta Tovar, Tony Kendall, Canalejas. You don't believe in things they are doing, it is impossible to believe in dialogs, you don't believe in emotions that they are playing. We can say without any hesitations that The Return of the Evil Dead is one of the most tedious and uninteresting films in Horror. The rates of the film are so low. Watch the film if you have a lot of free time and want to spend 91 m of your life. Hope that you will like this show. :) Tweet The Return of the Evil Dead link and share.