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  • Title: Resurrection
  • Release year: 2010
  • Movie genres: Action; Drama; Horror
  • Director: Casper Haugegaard
  • Actors: Marie Frohmé, Vanglund, Mads Althoff, Jonas Bjørn-Andersen, Asta Stidsen, Roxanne Tirkov, Peter Althoff, Hans Maaløe, Andreas Faaborg Nielsen, Solveig Hansen, Ib Schoppe, Casper Haugegaard
  • Movie length: 50 min.

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Resurrection is a right movie exclusively for fans of Peter Althoff, Vanglund, Marie Frohmé, Andreas Faaborg Nielsen. Cool music, well written, good production, and good acted. I'm not a huge fan of the 'Horror' genre, but I'm able appreciate these flicks and have a great time when I watch movies, but I can't say the same for Resurrection. There was probably likely to be a lot of emotional pressure to this film but it just wasn't present for me. The harmony between all the humor and high stakes was just totally off so I didn't know which film scenes to take seriously or not. You would not ever forget about watching Resurrection in the Horror genre! Everything in the action of the year 2010 looks amazing and actors know how to make us feeling so excited and like in the reality from watching everything they are performing on the stage. Here you would see how such a good actors like Peter Althoff, Vanglund, Marie Frohmé, Andreas Faaborg Nielsen act their roles so great. A running time of the action is 50 min but you would feel them something like few very fascinating plans. We give a rating for Resurrection is 10 of 10! Have ideas? Post them into our comment. You need to register.

Resurrection will be so exciting for all real lovers of Drama genre. It is so nice and so impressive and all the stuff here looks very excellent. On this site u will find great acting of your favorite actors like Solveig Hansen, Mads Althoff, Jonas Bjørn-Andersen who are 100% professionals and certainly know what is what in acting. Yes, some fragments are a little bit too long and uninteresting and that's why the duration of the film in 50 mins. But it is the issue of director, nor the actors. So, if u like to see some nice long film of year 2010 then Resurrection is right before u! Resurrection movie is a pretty cool movie, filled with lots of great action. Resurrection picture belongs to Drama genre and was made in 2010. :) Groovy sense of Resurrection is going to make you feel satisfied after downloading this picture. You may watch it with girlfriend online. Such good actors as Solveig Hansen, Mads Althoff, Jonas Bjørn-Andersen made the picture really good. It is true, Resurrection picture is truly one of the hottest picture in Drama genre in 2010. Movie running time is 50 mins. Nice actors, spectacular picture and indescribable acting. Deserves a sequel and even a remake with new technologies. It's charming and has a very good produced style, with Solveig Hansen playing in the picture. Solveig Hansen, Mads Althoff, Jonas Bjørn-Andersen have done a great job acting in this movie. Have an own opinion? Post them in our comment box. You should register.