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  • Title: Six Bend Trap
  • Release year: 2011
  • Movie genres: Crime; Comedy
  • Director: Mike McCarthy
  • Actors: Cathy Barry, Terrence Betts, Peter Bonner, Tony Bowden, Dave Courtney, Thomas Craig, Colin Cuthbert, Ian Edwards, Allan Gordon, Michael Hudson, Mike McCarthy
  • Movie length: 135 min.

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Yeah, this film will gonna blow your day away. In general this is a good flick for fans of Comedy films. It starts really fast, slows up quite bit in middle. Action is nice although I really hated some scenes enormous use of fixed scenes that was a reason why I put another star but after all it was amusing. Six Bend Trap I liked a lot and think to be easy to follow along with. Oh, Six Bend Trap is cool, it is one of the most excellent of all movies in Comedy category. It is our recommendation to watch the film and the acting of such a wonderful famous actors like: Colin Cuthbert, Cathy Barry would impress you so much. All actors are acting cool but the acting of Colin Cuthbert is somethings fascinating and sometimes unbelievable. Running time of the film is: 135 mins. Get a lot of pleasurable emotions during great pastime with Six Bend Trap. We think that you 100% will love this film. It is just my personal opinion.

What the damn do people think? Stream it with corn, booze, and your buddy. I understand that the idea is good and the invisible idea even greater. This Comedy picture deserve at least 8/10. Go watch it by yourself. There are tons of exciting actions in Comedy genre that were released in 2011 but we are sure that Six Bend Trap is the best of them all! Now you should just check up all stuff that wait for you to be watched in the movie and there are absolutely no hesitations that you would not stay indifferent or somethings like that. Length of Six Bend Trap is 135 m. Such wonderful actors like Mike McCarthy, Peter Bonner, Allan Gordon, Tony Bowden, Michael Hudson are starring here and their acting is nice. The director definitely made right choice with Mike McCarthy that is the main actor of the movie and makes it looks outstanding and cool. The movie is a really fun movie with some fantastic action. Waiting? Start watching the movie right now. Tweet Six Bend Trap movie... and share it.